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The Beginning of The Tail’s End

In 2010 just before Christmas, like so many others I found myself out of work.  I had been an office manger for a very busy legal plan for roughly 5 ½ years.  I never expected to still be looking for work nearly 2 ½ years later.

Through the course of searching for work, I reflected on how I always dreamed of being self employed - master of my destiny. In between applying for jobs, interviews and job hunting, I researched business opportunities hoping I might satisfy my dream of being self-employed. So many businesses required significant investment $10,000 - $250,000 or more!

As we struggled to make ends meet during this time my oldest son (9 years old at the time) volunteered to go to some of the neighbors and offer to clean up their dog poop for them to try and earn some money.  Well, my wife and I “poo pooed” the idea thinking he would be lucky to make a couple of bucks off each yard.  Several months later when searching for business ideas I came across the business of pet waste removal!  Suddenly the idea of cleaning up pet waste did not seem so silly.  I could not believe this was a viable business.  So after apologizing to my wiser than his years, son we set out to make our dream of owning a business happen.

We love dogs!  I grew up with dogs and currently our family has two 4 legged members (well 3 if you count the cat).  We are suckers for the animal in need - that’s how we ended up with 3 rescued pets of our own.  Our children have gotten used to the idea that when we see a dog wandering we stop and help it find it’s way home.  It is always good to see how excited owners are when they find their missing 4 legged family member safe.

We have been steadily growing ever since opening for business.

While scooping is not necessarily a “fun” job we do enjoy hanging out with your 4 legged family members.

Give us a chance - we guarantee your satisfaction.

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