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Question: Do I have to be present for clean up?

Answer: No you do not need to be present as long as we have access to the area you desire to have cleaned.  If you have a lock on your gate, please make sure to leave it unlocked on the day of your scheduled visit.


Question: How will I know if you have completed your work?

Answer:  When we have completed our work we will leave a door hanger informing you your yard has been cleaned & including any information we feel is important for you to know (i.e. foreign objects in the stool, loose stools, bloody stools, etc.).

Question: What happens when the weather is bad?

Answer: Regular cleanup continues during most weather.  In the event of snow, we may delay clean up for a few days to allow the snow to melt.  We will schedule a make up day if your regular day is missed.  In the event after a few days the snow has not melted we will resume regular cleanup pending no new snow.

Question: What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer:  We accept Visa or MasterCard credit card or debit, check or cash (must be the exact amount invoiced as our staff do not carry change).

Question: Is my payment secure?

Answer: Yes.  We use third party payment processing services. We never gather any payment information directly on our site.

Question:  How often do I pay?

Answer: We bill monthly around the 1st or 15th or you can set up automatic payments and we will debit your account so yo don’t have to worry about missing a payment - just give us a call and we will set it up.

Question:  How do I know how much to pay?

Answer: You will receive an email with your invoice attached. You can click on your the email to make a payment directly form your computer. You can also view a detailed invoice by clicking on the link.

Question: What if I lock my gate?

Answer: If you lock your gate we ask you to have it unlocked on your day of service.  We will make sure your gate is pulled shut and latched after each visit.

Question:  Do you work on holidays?

Answer: Our staff will not work on the following holidays:  

Question: Will my yard be serviced on the same day each week?

Answer:  You will typically receive service on the same day each week.  Occasionally we may need to service you on a different day than normal. You will be notified via email if we need to service your yard on a different day.

Question:  Do you offer service year round?

Answer: Yes.  Your pet continues to do their “business” regardless of the time of year so do we.  In fact the rainy season is especially important to regularly pickup after our pets to prevent runoff from polluting our rivers and streams.  Weather may occasionally delay a cleaning, but whenever possible we will be there to clean.  

Question: Do you really enjoy your job?

Answer: We get asked this question all the time.  The answer is, YES! - While our job is a “crappy” one we do enjoy it.  We are grateful for the opportunity to work - besides we are animal lovers and enjoy spending time with your pet - throwing a ball, giving a belly rub, and handing out a treat makes for a great day.

Question: Are your bags really “biodegradable”?

Answer: The bags we use meet ASTM D6400 requirements and are certified compostable.

Question: Do I have to sign a contract?

Answer: No, our service is month to month. You may cancel anytime. We do have terms of service that you should be familiar with. You can read them here.

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